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Nurture their Dreams and Empower their Potential

Invest in Immediate Change for Youth

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Invest, Empower and Educate youth to become leaders in their communities!

Make Real Change By Helping Stella's Girls.

When you invest in Stella's Girls, your contribution immediately changes a young individual's life.

Your Generous Investment To Change a Life Each Month:

Will Contribute to STEM and ART Programs.

For each $50 you donate to Stella's Girls, you provide a STEM or Art kit to our girls, furthering their education and allowing them to excel with their male peers. Because of your help, they will be more successful.

Your contribution truly makes a difference in shaping a brighter future for these young minds, and we cannot thank you enough for being a vital part of our mission to empower and uplift the next generation of female and male leaders. Together, we are building a more inclusive and equitable world where every child can reach their full potential.

Will Combat Period Poverty.

Stella’s Girls combats period poverty in Southern Maryland and across East and West Africa.

  • We recently received a grant from the Charles County Health Department to place menstrual products in the Charles County Public library, and we need your help to ensure we keep those stocked for individuals that need them.
  • This year we gave out 700 reusable pads to help girls across East and West Africa go to school without having to miss 7 to 10 days a month due to lack of access.

$65 is all it takes to help fund supplies to make reusable pads and donate to people locally.

Will Invest in Weekly Ongoing Mentoring and Tutoring.

Stella's Girls offers mentoring and tutoring support to girls and boys across Maryland. Our mentoring programs fall under five categories:

  • Peer to Peer
  • Academic Mentors
  • Stem Mentors
  • Adult Mentors
  • Community/School-based mentoring

Each mentee receives 10-12 hours of support in homework, coding, life skills development, and having a caring mentor to advocate and support them in reaching their yearly goals. With funding support, Stella's Girls can enhance the capacity of our programs by recruiting and training staff, ultimately expanding access to students in the school who are unable to participate. With your generosity, we can sustain these valuable programs year-round.

Will Celebrate Someone Special.

You can dedicate your donation to Stella's Girls to honor a friend, family member, or someone whose work you admire. It is a wonderful gift for someone with us or to honor someone who isn't.